World draughts-100 champions

Russian draught-players returned home from Bulgaria with a victory in individual and team competitions at the World Draughts-100 Disabilities Championship.
In Kranevo, Bulgaria the competitions among deaf athletes took place from 26 August to 4 September 2015 within the framework of the World Draughts-100 Disabilities Championship.   The tournament was held under the auspices of the International Draughts Committee of the Disabled (IDCD).
Athletes from Israel, Moldova, Poland, Russia and Ukraine tried to do their best to gain 5 sets of medals. Winners and other placers among men, women, boys and girls were determined in individual and also team competitions. In team competitions from each country the four athletes’ best results were taken into account.
In the individual competitions among men Russians took all the places of honor on the podium: Petr Ushnitsky won his gold medal, Mikhail Egorov – silver – and Sergey Katorgin – bronze. 
Russian competitor Irina Marfina became the world champion among women, Alena Zanuda (Ukraine) and Tatyana Dorofeeva (Russia) took the 2nd and 3rd places. 
Photo 1. Mikhail Egorov, Petr Ushnitsky, Sergey Katorgin (Russian atheletes)
Photo 2. Alena Zanuda (Ukraine), Irina Marfina (Russia), Tatyana Dorofeeva (Russia)
At the Youth Championship Maria Timofeeva and Stanislav Kostikov won gold medals. 
Photo 3.  Stanislav Kostikov – the world youth deaf boys’ champion 
Photo 4. Maria Timofeeva – the world youth deaf girls’ champion
More than that, the Russian team became the leader in the team competitions of the World Draughts-100 Deaf Championship.
Photos taken from: the Chess website of the Deaf.
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